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Since its inception in 2004, Outward Bound Monaco has sent over four hundred students to courses during July and August in the Outward Bound UK Centres of Aberdovey, Ullswater and Loch Eil, including 37 students in 2015, 32 students in 2016, 30 students in 2017, 40 students in 2018 and 42 students in 2019.

These multi-cultural adolescents of several different nationalities embarked on a new kind of cultural experience when they challenged themselves (in English, which for many was not their mother tongue) with a range of Outward Bound activities designed to build their confidence, character and team-working skills.

For many it was a significant and life-changing milestone and one that many wish to repeat again next year.

Here are some of the things that our students have said about their experiences…..

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful stay that my children spent in England. It was a little difficult for T the first two days but after he adapted, he was delighted. My other son insists on returning next summer for the Ultimate level."

Thank you also for the excellent arrangements regarding support for the children in travelling and there. They have been in contact with many nationalities and all was really well organised. It is really a very very rewarding experience for them.

They will of course be present at the awards!"

"hey mom! This last week was incredible I met so many new people and made so many new friends... I've even got an official recommendation by the instructors and a 50% scholarship to next years 3 weak course because of how well I did! I was picked out of a group of 12 people for it so yeah I can't wait to see you and show you my two certificates! Love J ❤️"

"C came back yesterday from Aberdovey, it was like always a very good experience, I want to thank you for your perfect organisation, and also to all peaple who help you to organise and take care of our children. Thanks again"

"Thank you for being such a great support......  We are booking the three weeks course for next year..."

"We ´d like to thank you and your team for the great organization. R had a great time at Ullswater. And even if she had some difficulties with the language, she enjoyed and had a lot to tell.

We hope she ´d like to go back or try a new one next year."

"Thank you so much for inviting me to Outward bound.

I had a fantastic time and met really nice people. Some days were hard but it was a great experience for me and I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover this great organisation.

I made some good friends and I hope I will see them again soon."

Highlights: I loved the expeditions and the gorge walking
What I liked : I really liked the expeditions, gorge walking, making the tents and meeting new people
What I dislike/ the waking up early and jumping in the cold lake. The weather!
I would go back there I had a great time
PF - 14 years old

Outward Bound for me was very mind opening. I basically love it, making new friends, doing new things.
But I must admit at the time I thought it was horrible waking up at 6:30 am to jump in a freezing cold lake, walking 8 hours and then spending the night in a tent …
I did stuff that I would have never had done in my life if I hadn't went to Outward Bound , like walk the highest mountain in England "Scarfelt pike" or build a raft. But over all the best thing was gorge walking, I loved the adrenaline rush that I got.
HD 14 years old

What I really found challenging was to wake up at 6.30 am, because it's not usual to wake up so early on holidays. There was also the " Jog and dip " that was difficult because it's difficult to go in the water at 7 o'clock, but I understand why we had to do it, it was to wake us up .
I found annoying to walk so much , when we had a trip with just our group, without the monitor.
Just one thing I really didn't appreciate was the food!

What I really loved was the Warf, because we could do all the water sports that we wanted and sometimes we went on the beach to do some little games, it was really funny. And what I also really enjoyed was highropes, I love that !
What was a great experience for me was the " solo" because you learn how to make a tent just with a piece of plastic and pieces of wood that we had found in the forest.
You learn a lot of things ,…
Also the John Muin day was special, we had to help the community and also the nature.
My group had to cut some trees next of a fence so that the sheep could pass through , but also to protect the fence so that it wouldn't break.
TC - 16 years old

On this course you share a lot of experiences that you will remember in the future.
I've learnt a lot of things, for example taking responsibility, how to spend a lot of time with the same people.
You also learn how to push yourself and how you can challenge yourself and achieve things you would not have thought you could achieve.
This course makes you independent and changes your way of thinking.
BDF 16 years old

It was a very good experience but a little bit difficult. It was a big challenge and this course taught me what I am able to do. Three weeks, did not seem easy but I am happy with the end result . Thank you to all at Outward Bound.
LP 16 years old

During this course, I gained confidence to overcome new challenges like climbing and high ropes. This has proved to me that i can overcome my fears.
I hated camping. now it's OK. I learned how to be happy with the minimum during the Solo.
AC 14 years old

The camp really helped me to find myself and my limits. It really was a huge challenge and so hard, but once you get used to it, it’s great! I’m so happy that I did it! I hope this camp will also help many other people. I made a lot of friends and I will never forget the great time I had with them! It was a great adventure and I’m glad that I had the chance to do it! Thanks for everything!

SA, aged 15

Une expérience formidable, qui vous donne de la confiance-en-soi. Une aventure coupée du monde, avec les expéditions et les autres activités en plein-air. Ainsi que sur le plan social, être durant 3 semaines au sein d’un groupe permet d’ouvrir et de tisser les liens durables. Le challenge a été surtout mental, car le froid et la pluie sont très souvent de la partie et même pendant les expéditions.

SC, aged 17, Lycee Albert 1er

Une expérience intéressante pour l’avenir, qui construit une confiance en soi. Cette aventure ouvre des opportunités, une nouvelle vision de nous. Le fait de se surpasser dans des épreuves inconnues, nous fait prendre confiance en soi. J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer d’autres personnes, et d’autres nationalités. Grâce à cette expérience j’ai pu découvrir d’autres cultures, d’autres mentalités très enrichissantes pour l’avenir. Pendant ce séjour j’ai pu améliorer mon anglais. Une expérience unique, belle, heureuse, à faire à tout prix.

JF, aged 17, Lycee Albert 1er

Outward Bound made me stronger and tougher mentally and physically. I’ve learned to achieve my aims completely when thinking it would be impossible at first. I’ve learned and what I think will help me in the future is team spirit. It has been a very good experience and unforgettable.

AT, aged 15, Lycee Albert 1er

I tried new things, so I think it was a good experience.

SC, aged 16, Lycee Albert 1er

Ca m’a apporté des choses comme des expéditions, j’ai appris à faire une tente et des choses comme ça, un peu à la dure.

DG, aged 14, College Matisse

Outward Bound was a very good experience for me. I enjoyed meeting new people, and having new experiences. It greatly improved my self confidence, and I am more sure of what I can and can’t do.

SD, aged 15, Lycée Hôtelier de Monte-Carlo

I liked it but it was difficult. This good experience made me a stronger mind, and even physically. Outward Bound experience will be useful in my future. This adventure was the best I’ve ever done, I’ll remember it all my life.

AC, aged 14, Collège Blanche de Castille, Nice

I’ve already done it last year, but I wanted to do it again because we were having so much fun, when you are in the course it can be boring sometimes when you have to walk for four hours through the rain but it’s amazing to see your team helping you every time and then when you come back home you miss that so much even the jogging. Fortunately, instructors are taking pictures, therefore when you look at them you have good memories. This course is good because I met new friends and I learnt more about team workers. I think every young person (boys and girls) should do it at least once in their life.

NC, aged 16, Lycee Albert 1er

It was a great experience. I’ve really enjoyed it, it was difficult but I love to do sport and physical effort so I liked it. This experience permitted me to overcome my fear of heights and to push myself. I’ve met some nice people and I will remember it all my life.

VD, aged 15, Lycée Albert Calmette, Nice

This experience made me like camping ! I feel better physically and mentally. I’m proud of myself and would enjoy to do it another time!

VN, aged 15,  Lycée François d’Assise Nicolas Barré

I found the course experience both great fun and also useful for the future (either for work or if the world ends). I went there to gain confidence and motivation and I left with all that, I now try to run every day and at school I’ve started off well with good marks in lessons I’m crap in so I’ve gained everything I came for.

LM, aged 16, Lycée Val d’argents

Cette expérience m’a rendu plus fort mentalement.

P, aged 16, Lycee Technique de Monaco

I discovered that I’m physically better than I thought, I can really push my limits.

BDF, aged 15, Lycee Albert 1er

It was difficult, but I kept an excellent idea and an excellent memory about my adventure during these three weeks. With Outward Bound, I could meet new people from England, Scotland, Holland and improve my English language. Moreover, I could improve my mind during the expedition, and kept in mind that I have to do it during all the walk. Sometimes when the others of my team were tired, I attempted to try to help them. At the end, I was very tired and didn’t like to come back but after I have realized that it was a wonderful experience and I will never forget my 3 weeks in Ullswater.

LL,aged 17, Saint Joseph de Carnolès

My Outward Bound experience
During the three weeks of the Outward Bound Classic course, I have accomplished much physically by climbing, hiking, swimming and sailing through the splendid and breathtaking Mountains of the Lake District. Through these I have discovered unsuspected strengths and realized I could manage extreme conditions with the help of a team. My experience with the Outward Bound was stimulating and unique in his incredible style of teaching. I have also greatly increased my precision and the capacity of trusting others throughout team work. Outward Bound made me conscious of my full potential which is worth one thousand treasures because one can conquer thousands of men in a battle, but he who conquers himself is the greatest of all conquerors.


“Le moment qui m’a plu le plus c’est la montagne, faire la Via Ferrata avec mon ami Pierrot.
Le moment le plus dur c’est la randonnée. C’était sympa mais fatigant. »


« Le moment qui m’a plu et dont j’ai été le plus fier est lorsqu’on a franchi la dernière falaise à escalader à la Via Ferrata. Et pour moi, c’était le challenge de la semaine.


 "What I enjoyed most about my Outward Bound Experience is the fun and adventure. I took part in activities I had never experienced before. The whole experience made me stronger by making me think before I do something. It also taught me team spirit and leadership. These two things will be useful to me in the future."

CDLP(18 ans) Lycée Technique, Monaco

“There are a lot of things that I liked about “Outward Bound” but there are two things that have marked me the most.
During this adventure, I had the chance to do at least twenty activities that I had never had the chance to do before and this helped me to overcome some of my fears.
I also had the chance to meet people who came from all different parts of the world, and even after three years, I am still in contact with them.
Thanks to this exceptional experience, I have learnt how to work, think and help within a team.”
SDLP(17 ans) Collège Charles III, Monaco

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at outward bound Monaco for giving me a fantastic three-week course.
I’ve had a wonderful time on the Outward Bound Classic Course. I went last summer (summer 06) for 3 weeks & during this time, I learnt many things such as how to read a map, how to build a raft and work in a team. I met many different people and made many good friends, with whom I still keep in touch. The instructors are young, energetic and joyful. The pictures [On the left & below] speak for themselves!
Thanks again, regards
K (17 ans) Lycee Albert 1er

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